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Product Review: Natural Mixologist Body Butter and Oil
November 25, 2017
The Backstory
I have been on a journey of balance for the past year. I started with spiritual balance. Moved to physical balance, and now I am focusing on personal self-care of my hair and skin. These are two areas of my life that I neglect. I don't like doing hair, wash day bores me, and I just want to cut my hair and rock a fro again. While my hair is still a work in progress - I promise I will have a concrete plan soon. I have successfully been more intentional about my skincare routines.

I purchased some organic black soap, ordered some Witch Hazel from Amazon and started a new facial treatment. The results have been very positive. Looking to move beyond my face, Natural Mixologist provided me the perfect opportunity to try something new.

The Concept
I love the concept of Natural Mixology because it's founder is a Black mom who wanted organic skincare for her children. You can read more about her story here. I also love that her Mom + Baby products can literally be used by both me and Vivian.

The Products

The Baby Oil

The Body Butter

The Review
We used the Body Butter and Oil for five straight days. After our baths and showers, I would apply the body butter. In the morning, I would apply the oil to Vivian before she started her day. I don't want to sound dramatic, but I love the results of the butter. I was a little worried about the smell because I don't like strong smells. However, the scent is not strong once you apply it to your skin. I noticed my typically dry skin was holding up nicely, wasn't as itchy as it usually is, and still smelled great at the end of the day.

I can't say I noticed a significant change in Vivian's skin. Aside from the great smell, her skin looked the same. However, I did feel good using organic products. I am also going to experiment with some different skincare routines for Vivian to see where we land. She inherited my very dry skin, so I want to make sure I think about what I apply to it. I am going to try a different regimen (apply oil at night, butter in the morning) to see if I get different results. Even though I didn't see a difference in her skin, I also didn't see any regression which was huge because a lot of products break her out when I try new stuff.

Overall, I was very impressed with Natural Mixologist. I will continue to use the product, try different regiments until I find one that works, and explore some of their other products.
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